Cj Clouston

Property Management Division Manager

With 19 years’ experience in Property Management, running a national firm with over 3500 managements and a team of 32 staff, you can rest assure that we have employed the best of the best.

CJ not only is the Department Manager, but she will also personally be taking on the management of your investment property with the help of her assistant.

Being a trainer in the Residential Tenancies Act at her previous role, amongst other roles, CJ knows the legislation like no other, eliminating confusion when it comes to residential tenancy matters.

When we asked CJ what her expectations are when managing your property she said, “Open and honest communication is my number one priority. Having an extensive knowledge of the RTA Act also puts the landlords’ minds at ease. I am very understanding of situations and circumstances in managing the residential tenancy matters between the landlords and tenants. One of my biggest expectations when managing a landlord’s property is assisting them to maximize their incomes and to guiding and coach tenants through their leasing experience”.

When CJ isn’t working she can be found at her holiday home in Tin Can Bay lapping up the sun at the beach or in her garden tinkering away.