Thinking of Renting your Home?

We pride ourselves in the way we manage your Investment Property, realising just how important your investment is to you.


Carolans First National Real Estate has been in practice for over 67 years on the Sunshine Coast, which has grown over the years to be one of the most professionally run organizations throughout the Region. When it comes to working towards the best outcomes for you and your investment property, no other agency is more experienced than Carolans First National Real Estate.

We pride ourselves in the way we manage your Investment Property, realising just how important your investment is to you. We employ only Qualified Property Managers with relevant Industry Experience and a thorough knowledge of the essential Residential Tenancies and Rooming Act.


With over 76 years combined Property Management experience, you can be guaranteed our knowledge of the industry and experiences are second to none.

We take professional photos and video (at our cost) of your investment property making your property stand out from all the rest.


State of the art technology that:

  • Allows prospective tenants to book a property inspection online, any time of the day or night, without having to call or email the agent.

  • Allows bookings to be made via smartphones as well as a computer.

  • Tenants enjoy the “24/7” convenience of registering/booking inspection times.

  • Notifies our database of “waiting tenants” once your property has been listed on

    the Internet for lease getting more eye in front of your property

When you consider the time and skill involved in marketing a property, finding the right tenants, managing payments, conducting inspections, resolving disputes and pursuing your interests, you quickly realise that property management is a full-time role that simply can’t be done effectively by agents who are only part focused on the job. We’re so confident in our services that we provide an exclusive Property Management Guarantee.


  • We understand that as a property investor you are focused on the bottom line.

  • We understand that even a few weeks vacancy each year makes a big difference.

  • We understand the worry, anxiety and cost that a poor tenant can cause you.

  • We understand the impact that an interest rate rise can have on your cash-flow.

  • We understand that unnecessary expenses affect your return dramatically.

  • We understand that every dollar saved makes a big difference in the long run.

  • We understand your need to create equity in your property so you can invest further.

  • We understand your need to know that the advice you’re being given about your investment

    property is reliable and trustworthy.

  • We understand that you just want everything to be taken care of so that worrying about

    your investment property is one less thing you need to deal with.

  • We understand that you want property investment to be easy!



Your legal position is protected by our knowledge of the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Act.


You get the best possible return on your investment with our market knowledge of rent appraisals and rent reviews.


We liaise between the owner and lessee to avoid possible personal conflicts.


At Carolans First National we supply accounts and details of all income and expenditure relating to your investment. This will help to minimising the cost of employing an accountant to prepare your investment accounts for taxation purposes.

Properties purchased for investment can attract significant taxation benefits. Property management fees are tax deductible.


Selection of Tenants

Can I be sure of the right tenant?

Strict selection guidelines are constantly adhered to before approving any tenant application.

Prospective tenants are required to complete an Application for tenancy, details of which are checked thoroughly. The process includes checking previous rental history, employment and income records, personal references and the Tenancy Information Centre of Australia (TICA).

Prospective tenants are carefully selected through both an application and a personal interview system. The prospective tenant is also required to supply us with one hundred checkpoints before the application will be considered. Carolans First National Real Estate is a member of the Tenancy Information Centre of Australia & Barclays Default Tenant Service, which is a national tenancy checkpoint. Any applications that have previously defaulted whether it is rental arrears, damage to property or vacated the property with an outstanding debt are registered. All applicants are screened through both of these databases as a first step in processing their applications.


You can be confident that our office is carrying out regular routine inspections (4 times per year) on your investment property; however we do recommend that you make a thorough examination of your investment property every 1-3 years. Over a period of time, investment properties are exposed to wear and tear by a tenant and the process of inspecting the property will keep you up to date with the property condition.

When carrying our routine inspections, our office conducts visual inspections only to ensure that the tenants are maintaining the property and to give you value added feedback on preventative maintenance and improvements.

Our office is not qualified to provide feedback on building structure, electrical faults or white ant activity. We recommend that you obtain annual reports to ensure that the property is maintained in a safe condition for your tenant to reside.

On completion of the routine inspection we provide a written report outlining the general condition of the property and the manner in which it is being maintained by the tenant and recommendations of maintenance required to be carried out by the owner.

Payment of Rent

We have implemented a system of great convenience for our tenants, which in turn is favourable to you. Our tenants can pay via the use of a direct deposit book, Centerpay or internet banking.

Rental arrears

We have a ZERO tolerance for rental arrears. With this in mind, our rental arrears are monitored on a daily basis. If the tenant falls eight days in arrears a Form 11 Notice to Remedy Breach is served allowing the tenant seven days to bring the rent up to date. If the tenants fail to comply with this notice a Form 12 Notice to Leave is served giving the tenants two options, to either contact this office to arrange a written payment plan acceptable to both parties, being the tenant and the property owner, or to vacate the premises within seven days. A disciplined policy on rent payment is essential. Rent must be paid on time.

Renewal of Leases

Leases are renewed for existing tenancies as they fall due. Written instructions are sought form the Lessor approximately 2 months prior to the Tenancy Agreement expiring. Advice will be issued at this time on the current rental market.

Repairs & Maintenance

Our approach to repairs and maintenance is proactive to ensure they are completed as cost effectively as possible. Our agency arranges all maintenance work necessary for the Lessor, bearing in mind your specific inspections. If the work being carried out is under warranty we will contact the supplier or if claimable under insurance, we process the claim on your behalf. So whether you provide us with a limit of expenditure, or you wish to be contacted before any maintenance is ordered, we will follow your inspections as detailed in your individually tailored Management Agreement.

Accounting to Lessors

At Carolans First National we do more than just collect rent. We take care of all payments relating to your property and account for them in statements.

This include

  • Council Rates

  • Body Corporate Levies

  • Landlord Insurance

  • Repairs & Maintenance


The property should be provided in a state of cleanliness and good repair.

The tenant is then required to maintain this initial standard. For example, the carpets must be professionally cleaned prior to tenancy, and in return the tenant is responsible to professionally clean the carpets on vacation.

The premises must also comply with all health, building and safety regulations.

We have a number of contractors who have proven to be competent, experienced and knowledgeable in their respective fields. In authorising Carolans First National to act on your behalf, you stipulate an amount for repairs which in the event of an emergency the agent may need to use to meet the legal requirements under current legislation.

The gutters should be cleared prior to letting the property and then once or twice each year.

Trees and shrubs should be pruned at least once a year, particularly prior to the storm season if there are any large trees close to the house.

Instructions on the use of appliances and any valid warranty details should be supplied to the agent and communicated to the tenant to ensure correct usage.

Management Fee Letting Fee Administration Costs New Lease Fee


Management Free -   8.5% plus GST
Let Fee -   Equivalent to first weeks rent plus GST
Administration Fee 0   $5.00 + GST, monthly
Lease Renewal Fee -   $55.00 (only when an existing tenant signs a lease renewal.